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What is the "Mushrooms NFT" project?

The "Mushrooms NFT" project is a collection of 7,777 code-generated Mushrooms. One day, after the human civilization disappeared because of climate change, a thunderstorm struck an old computer hard drive covered by mushrooms. Because of the short circuit, the mushrooms became alive. With the help of the data and the web browsing history recorded on the hard drive, the newly born mushrooms evolved with human consciousness and mirrored human behavior. Frederic Ronsyn, a talented Belgian Cartoonist (and also a French and Art teacher in International Schools), will take care of all the Mushrooms with many planned activities and suprises. Please see roadmap section.

Who is the artist behind the Mushrooms NFT?

Frederic Ronsyn is a Belgian Cartoonist (and also French and Art Teacher in International School around the world). He has worked for quite a few famous cartoonists (Dupa and Philippe Geluck) as an assistant, inking and drawing backgrounds. Frederic Ronsyn also worked for several magazines as an illustrator.

What are the benefits of holding a "Mushroom NFT"?

Your Mushroom NFT gives you access to our discord communiity of course but the most important part is by buying a "Mushroom NFT", you will contribute to a charity which focuses on Climate Change and Environmental issues!

How unique will the "Mushrooms NFT" be?

In total there are about 160 traits, with some being more scarce than others. (see metadata)

What is the mint price for a "Mushroom NFT"?

Public mint on "Opensea" cost is 0.05 ETH + (Polygon) gas. A few lucky winners will receive 1 free mint.

When is the public sale on "Opensea"?

Public sale starts on March 7 2022 at 7:07 pm EST.